Vietnam concrete exports: Bringing Vietnamese goods to compete fairly with the world

Vietnam concrete exports: Bringing Vietnamese goods to compete fairly with the world

The first shipments successfully exported to the Taiwan market marked a new step in the quality of concrete structural products in Vietnam. From here, we have been able to compete with the big brands in the world.

The first step is to find sweet fruit

Sharing about the first export order worth 2.5 million USD at the beginning of February this year, Mr. Pham Van Nghi, Chairman of Chau Au Nam company could not hide his joy. happy, excited. Because it is not only the pride of Chau Au Nam but also the opening event of great significance for the country, from here, the Vietnamese have reached the dream of bringing concrete structural products to export abroad.

“We want to affirm to our friends in five continents that the Vietnamese hands and minds can completely make quality products that meet domestic and international standards, tomorrow the products will be branded as Vietnam will appear more and more in the world’s major projects, ” said Mr. Nghi.

Looking at the fact, within half a year, after the first order, Chau Au Nam successfully exported 2 more orders to the Taiwan market. The total value of the orders amounted to more than 10 million USD. Following that success, the Group is currently negotiating to export the next shipments to Bangladesh and South Korea. The goal is to export 50-70% of the factory’s output to foreign countries each year.

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Mr. Nghi shared that in order to export the first batch of goods to Taiwan, the first time is always the most difficult period because customers agonize over finding the best business by visiting all brands one by one but convincing customers to trust and feel secure in product quality is not easy. Especially after signing the contract, as soon as the goods arrive abroad, the partner will have to fulfill payment obligations and responsibilities regardless of the quality of the goods, so customers are worried. afraid and apprehensive.

However, after visiting the factory and witnessing firsthand the production process using modern and professional machinery and equipment systems at Chau Au Nam factory, the psychological problem was solved in a short time. Partners find sympathy, peace of mind about product quality as well as confidence in the Company’s reputation and service quality. In addition, a series of commitments with specific guarantee solutions helped the two sides quickly reach an agreement to place the first order.

Join hands to reduce raw exports, increase value

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Right from the moment it entered the field of construction materials production, Chau Au Nam Company had a dream of becoming a leading manufacturer of quality concrete structural products in the country, gradually competing with competitors’ international brands. Therefore, the Company has taken careful and decisive steps when choosing to invest in modern machinery and equipment systems and advanced technology with the strong belief that “a good machine will produce good products.” ” and nothing can satisfy customers like products of outstanding quality.

Warren Buffett, an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist, has a very famous saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Throughout its operation, Chau Au Nam’s success has been greatly contributed by its partners who provide input materials. These cooperative handshakes are so tight that they are willing to sacrifice the individual interests of each business to join hands to achieve the goal of bringing higher added value to the country’s economy.

In the context of complicated epidemic developments, some input materials such as steel, sand, and cement… have price fluctuations. Many projects, even key projects, are in a state of “starvation” for raw materials. However, instead of exporting raw minerals and construction materials, or taking advantage of the business and profiting from price differences in the domestic market, Chau Au Nam has convinced its partners to continue providing raw materials. materials at reasonable and stable prices to produce concrete structures with competitive price advantages, paving the way for Vietnamese-branded concrete structures to be exported to regional and international markets.

“Not only in the current period but during more than a decade of operation, we have been able to achieve the set goals despite many market fluctuations thanks to our strong cooperation with partners. We share our hearts, day and night persistently step by step to realize the dream of creating great products, bringing Vietnamese goods to fly high and far… and perhaps our partners have been convinced by that will. , not simply indicators of revenue or profit like many other deals”, the Chairman of Chau Au Nam Company shared.

According to Chau Au Nam Company, while raw material export activities are facing many barriers from general market difficulties to tariff policies…, the shift of businesses to invest in deep processing is Completely reasonable and positive, contributing to the effective use of resources and ensuring long-term benefits. This is a sustainable development direction, avoiding waste while contributing to environmental protection. Chau Au Nam also confidently affirmed that after the period of exploring foreign markets, concrete structural products will quickly enter the growth phase, bringing sweet fruits after a long period of care and nurturing.

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