The secret to maintaining beauty from Chau Au Nam’s office staff

The secret to maintaining beauty from Chau Au Nam’s office staff

Ms. Nhung is an accountant for Chau Au Nam Company, and also a mother of 2 children. Like other modern women, during the day she goes to work at the company, and when she comes home at night, she is a mother and a gentle wife who is always busy taking care of the whole family from meals to sleep.

Career and family often make women busier and they gradually have less time to take care of themselves. Some people are stressed, and others are depressed and sad. However, with Ms. Nhung, it is a different story. Both work in the office and at home have to be handled, but Ms. Nhung still sets aside a certain amount of time for herself to practice Yoga – her favorite subject.

Thanks to regular yoga practice, Nhung not only always keeps herself a slim and healthy body but also keeps her spirit always happy and optimistic. Let’s listen to Ms. Nhung’s journey to keep fit and healthy living habits below!

As an accountant who has to work with so many numbers, do you feel pressured?

“Accounting profession is one of the professions that are under the most pressure, especially mental pressure because they always have to be highly focused to deal with papers with large numbers. At Chau Au Nam, that’s it. It is even more obvious when orders are shipped continuously, the volume of papers and debts needs to be resolved a lot. Therefore, in order to be able to work and solve work efficiently and smoothly, I myself always have to keep good health and a happy, comfortable spirit as possible.”

As you know, one of the biggest difficulties for women is balancing time for work and family, and how take care of themselves. What do you think about this?

“I completely agree that if women do not know how to love themselves, it is very difficult to control their lives. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should put aside less important tasks. and treat yourself to some private time during the day

In your opinion, how should a woman take care of herself?

For me personally, beauty from within is an important beauty and needs special care. It is a refreshing spirit after every working hour, a feeling of relaxation and comfort when you are able to do the work you love so that your mood is always cheerful and loving life. Above all, resilient health is an important foundation for a relaxed mind. When you control your body and always feel happy, it will automatically manifest your outer beauty and others can see that change in you.

Is it difficult and time-consuming to take care of yourself?

“If you know the reasonable time arrangements and high determination, nothing can make it difficult for you. I am also an office worker, working 8 hours a day and having to spend time taking care of my family. However, I always try to give myself time to enjoy, to relax, and that’s when I recharge my body.

I feel happiest when I practice Yoga. Every day, I spend at least 1 hour practicing this subject. The most important thing is to maintain this daily. Yoga not only makes me stronger and more flexible but also helps me relax.”

So what motivates you to maintain your yoga practice every day?

“I love Yoga and consider practice as a daily habit. To me, Yoga is health, and health and flexibility are prerequisites for any woman to have a good life. And when we are healthy and happy, we will have better conditions to take better care of our family and children. Love for Yoga, health, physical endurance, and spirit. The refreshing spirit and loved ones in my family are the biggest motivation for me to persevere in practicing Yoga every day.”

Besides practicing Yoga, do you have any other tips you want to share with your sisters?

“Exercise must go hand in hand with a healthy and balanced diet. In terms of diet, I always balance nutrition in my daily meals, eating enough and a variety of nutrients that are good for my body. I always remind myself to drink a lot of water every day, in addition to pure water and mineral water, I especially choose 3A Alkaline Ions to drink to retain beneficial mineral ions such as Na+, HCO3-…, rehydrating, remineralizing, supplementing with essential micro-minerals for the body to help tone muscles, enhance health, flexibility, and endurance. Ion-alkaline water is the perfect choice for all ages, especially If you have conditions, you should use alkaline ionized water every day.”

Do you have something to say to women in general and Chau Au Nam women in particular?

“As a woman, you should take time to take care of your body, you don’t need too much time, and you don’t need to practice “hard” but just focus and promote flexibility, purify the body. From deep inside by exercising regularly, eating scientifically, and drinking lots of water, especially healthy drinks. When you are healthy from deep inside, you will automatically feel comfortable mentally. and more and more confident. And when you are confident, it means you will “shine” in everyone’s eyes.”

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