About the service of manufacturing and supplying precast concrete components

Chau Au Nam Concrete Factories is a factory specializing in the production of precast concrete products under the AMACCAO brand of various types and sizes. In particular, we accept production orders according to the individual requirements of each customer and each project.

Some typical AMACCAO brand precast concrete products of Chau Au Nam Company:

1. Types of columns, beams, floors, wall panels, stairs, embankments… precast concrete;

2. Prestressed concrete piles: PHC centrifugal piles, square piles, SW sheet piles, H…;

3. Bridge girders, prestressed concrete trusses: I beams, SuperT bridge girders, roof trusses…;

4. Infrastructure – traffic components: Trench, technical trench, manhole, box culvert, round culvert…;

5. Special concrete components: Segment tunnel shell panels, GRC panels, decorative concrete panels, other types of components as required…



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