Chau Au Nam Company contributes to promoting circular economy in the production of concrete structures

Chau Au Nam Company contributes to promoting circular economy in the production of concrete structures

AMACCAO brand precast concrete structures of Chau Au Nam Concrete Structures Joint Stock Company have been participating in the circular economic model, contributing to environmental protection as well as bringing dual economic efficiency.

Chau Au Nam Company is a pioneer in applying the circular economy model

The circular economy is an economic model that includes design, production, and service activities with the goal of extending the life of materials and eliminating negative impacts on the environment. If the traditional economic model is only concerned with resource exploitation, production, and post-consumption disposal, leading to the creation of a huge amount of waste, the circular economy model focuses on management and Regenerating resources in a closed loop to avoid creating waste.

The transition to a circular economy is a great opportunity for sustainable development, not only to achieve socio-economic and environmental goals but also to respond to climate change.

Fully aware of the necessity and superiority of this model, recently, Chau Au Nam Concrete Structures Joint Stock Company has recently pioneered its effective application in the production of precast concrete structures; contributing to environmental protection, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainable development goals of the construction industry in general and of businesses in particular.

Distinct environmental benefits

By applying the circular economy model and modern solutions in the production of concrete structures, Chau Au Nam not only strives to create high-quality products but also actively contributes to environmental protection environment and sustainable development.

Materials and production processes are environmentally friendly

Currently, the need to use materials such as sand, stone, and cement… in the construction of civil and industrial projects, especially traffic projects, is increasing. The problem of lack of materials such as lack of leveling sand… leads to many projects having increased capital costs or having to stop. Faced with that reality, Chau Au Nam has come up with a solution to use artificial sand and take advantage of by-products of steel factories, and thermal power plants… to produce precast concrete structural products, helping to create a closed cycle, both saving costs, reducing costs, reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Replace less environmentally friendly materials

Compared to traditional monolithic concrete, assembled concrete technology is believed to be a “greener, cleaner” solution, minimizing the amount of waste at the construction site, thus limiting pollution and saving costs and environmental treatment fees at the project for the investor.

In addition, prefabricated concrete structures can replace steel structures to help reduce costs. In particular, Chau Au Nam concrete structures have good fire resistance, without the need to use other covering materials or fireproof paint like steel structures. That both helps save costs and contributes to environmental protection because in fact, using fireproof paint to coat steel structures will incur investment costs as well as maintenance costs during the process. long-lasting. Furthermore, during the painting construction process, many emissions will be generated that can potentially affect the environment and human health.

The product has durability and long life

According to the manufacturer, Chau Au Nam’s precast concrete structural products are highly durable and can have a lifespan of hundreds of years. That helps increase the lifespan of the project, leading to a reduction in the amount of construction waste compared to other less durable materials that often have to be replaced, while also helping investors reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Materials capable of absorbing CO2

Concrete products have a difference, according to the manufacturer, in the ability to absorb CO2 gas, creating a healthier environment for human life. According to research by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), about half of the carbon emissions from cement production will be reabsorbed by concrete when this material is used in buildings. housing and infrastructure. With the ability to absorb about 20 million tons of carbon per year, concrete in general and concrete piles in particular have become materials that meet the needs of fast, durable, cheap infrastructure development, while also bringing important benefits to the living environment.

Reduced environmental impact due to less finishing required

Chau Au Nam uses high MAC concrete, produced on modern technological lines, so the output product has a beautiful appearance, and smooth product surface, and does not even require paint to perfect the surface while still ensuring Beauty. This will help save costs and minimize environmental impact compared to other materials.


Currently, the speed of industrialization is increasing, resulting in an increasing speed of construction of buildings, industrial factories, and logistics warehouses. With prior calculation, when concrete constructions reach the end of their useful life, they can be completely reused through recycling stages into different types of materials (such as recycling steel, or using concrete). cardboard as leveling material…) safely.

Solutions for energy and environmental projects

Chau Au Nam’s prefabricated concrete structure products promise to contribute to speeding up the construction progress of projects to combat climate change, promote green energy, and promote economic growth, such as protective embankments. Coastlines, sea dikes, urban drainage systems, renewable energy projects such as waste power, wind power, hydropower…

Economic “dual benefits”.

A circular economy solves the problems of dual benefits between the economy and the environment. As a pioneer in the precast concrete structure manufacturing industry with nearly 30 years of experience, Chau Au Nam is increasingly aware of its role and responsibility in developing and applying concrete structures with many outstanding advantages. excel in the construction field, as well as apply the circular economy model to the production of concrete structures. Especially in the face of the fact that the world’s resources in general and Vietnam’s, in particular, are increasingly depleted.

Besides bringing sustainable development efficiency to businesses, precast concrete solutions also bring economic efficiency to investors when prices are competitive thanks to optimal raw material sources and factory scale advantages.

Not only that, using precast concrete structures helps investors reduce labor costs at the site, shorten construction time, minimize the possibility of labor insecurity, and reduce management costs. Quality control (because quality is controlled according to European standards right at the factory). This has been bringing great efficiency to the current economic problem for investors.

With technology, techniques, and relentless creativity, Chau Au Nam has created precast concrete structural products that are beautiful in aesthetics, durable in longevity, diverse in types, and economical in cost. expense. According to Chau Au Au Nam, the company’s products are always highly appreciated by investors and partners.

Vision and responsibility of a pioneering enterprise

Sharing about the development orientation in the coming time, the leader of Chau Au Nam company said: “With the superiority and effectiveness of concrete structures, as well as the general orientation of the country and the process of practical application, around the world, Chau Au Nam Company will continue to delve into the research, design and production of more precast concrete structural products to apply to different uses, especially is in the field of construction of factories and prefabricated houses, helping to replace traditional products and construction methods. To do that, it is extremely important to update the latest concrete technology in the world and apply it in Vietnam.

Currently, Chau Au Nam Company is a leading professional unit in the industry of manufacturing, supplying, and constructing prefabricated concrete structures. The team of engineers and experts is always a pioneer in researching and improving concrete technologies for application in production and construction. In the coming time, Chau Au Nam will continuously upgrade machinery equipment, production lines, and applied science to increase the technological value of each product, thereby improving aesthetics and increasing productivity. labor productivity and economic efficiency”.

It can be seen that precast concrete products are a remarkable development step in the field of construction materials production, following the green shift trend in the construction industry, paving the way for a new, better future with the possibility of recycling and minimizing environmental impacts. Chau Au Nam Company, as a pioneer in grasping this trend, promises to constantly seek solutions and technology to meet all investors’ needs, appropriately. with all construction projects.

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