AMACCAO Pile: “Employees are healthy, businesses are healthy and growing”

AMACCAO Pile: “Employees are healthy, businesses are healthy and growing”

Investing in a gym with modern equipment at the Company, AMACCAO Group’s Board of Directors emphasizes the important role of employees in business development.

Recognizing the important role of workers in development, in the past time, besides taking care of the material life for employees, AMACCAO GROUP has organized many cultural and sports activities to contribute to help them have more spiritual motivation, improve health so that they can work, produce and contribute to the overall development of the Group.

Amaccao Group regularly organizes physical training and sports activities for CBCNB

As Mr. To Nhat – Vice Chairman cum General Director of AMACCAO GROUP have said: “Staff members are healthy, businesses are healthy and sustainable development”. The Group Vice President himself regularly exercises health by getting up early every day to jog. He also said that he must create a habit of regular training to form a routine, forcing himself to be realistic as well as the habit of spending 30 minutes to 1 hour every day to read the book that he is instructing and loving. Bridge the staff implementation.

Sports spirit of AMACCAO staffs after working hours

In addition to professional tasks, AMACCAO Group’s staff members focus on promoting sports movements, bringing practical effects, contributing to improving health and well-being. God engrossed in the work of all employees. The movement of exercising and exercising of AMACCAO officers and employees took place vigorously and thrived with a large number of members participating in training in the afternoon (after work or on weekends) in subjects: soccer, table tennis, weight training, etc. AMACCAO GROUP regularly organizes football matches between member companies of the Group and a selected team to compete, interact with friends.

The movement of training, physical training and sports has been increasingly developed, attracting a large number of employees to participate, showing interest in taking care of spiritual and physical life for workers. This is also a new playground, healthy entertainment, physical exercise to create a joyful atmosphere in the Group, helping employees regenerate labor to contribute to improving health, improving spiritual life, creating close, solidarity relationship between employees and units throughout the Company, contributing to improving labor productivity, fulfilling production and business targets.

In order to maintain the movement of physical training and sports, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of the Company has cooperated closely with the Board of Directors, every year the Company organizes sports tournaments on the occasion of Tet holidays, annual tourism or at the year-end summation.

Through the organization of physical training and sports activities, there has been a spread, encouragement and encouragement of the spirit of physical training and sport training among employees.

AMACCAO employees participated in exercise – sports at the Company’s gym:


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